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Hi there!

One thing for sure, the kind of thinking required to do well in a seminary class is very different than the kind of linear, logical, technical thinking of dentistry. 

And it is good, different as it should be, I suppose since the consideration of how we as Christians are sent out into the world is anything but technical.  We have shared reading from texts, discussed the changing face of our world and neighbourhoods and listened to great teachers from a variety of backgrounds.  We’ve spent hours preparing presentations of our own – for class on Friday – and that has been fun and challenging.  Advertising – the “air we breathe” as one aspect of pop culture.

So my brain has been expanding – sometimes close to exploding. but the challenge to the grey matter is likely not harmful.  It does take a few classes to get into the groove of a different way of thought.

Tonight I have been re-reading a booklet and writing my reflections into a paper due on Friday.  The library is a great place to work.  And there is internet.  Of course, how can one work these days without it?

And the weather here – well it is probably better than travelling down to Florida – is fairly balmy and today the sun was shining.  Of course we were all inside around tables and not outside in it.  Such is the life of a student.

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