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We learned the news tonight that a good friend died suddenly on Sunday night. Keith Fullerton was a spiritual father to Leo and I.  He was our pastor in Saskatoon when we were students learning about life and faith and he was the pastor that sent us off to the Congo.  You can read more about him here.

It has been good to keep in touch over the years, visiting when the occasion permitted.  I guess it is a few years past now since we spent some time together in their home in Surrey.  They gave my car with the broken window a safe place to sleep while we waited for the glass people to open on a Monday morning.

Keith was retired but not really. He was always busy serving in some capacity. I last saw him at Alive this fall.  He continued to be down to earth, loving life and people and keeping up with current issues in theology.  The term pastor suited him well.

Funerals never fall at convenient times and this next week is full of travel and study for me and travel and work for Leo so I doubt we will  be able to go and celebrate his life with friends.  My thoughts and prayers are with his family.  We will all miss him but we will meet again.

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