Pushed to efficiency – but no rest in sight

It seems as if a strange phenomenon happens to me – when I get busier, I become more efficient.  Therefore, I suppose I should look on the unexpected events of this week so much as an inconvenient imposition on my time maybe but more as a helpful impetus to efficiency.

One week from today I should be on my way to Chicago to take a J-Term intensive class at my denominations seminary.  The class material looks good and the professor is an old colleague from the Congo. Well, actually, he is probably not “old” at least not exactly older than me but we have known each other for a considerable time.  The class is entitled Pastoring the Missional Church.  Even though I’m not likely to ever pastor a church in an institutional setting the material speaks of a subject that I feel a connection to – how to interact with the culture in which I find myself in ways that are consistent with the teachings of Christ; how to live out my faith in ways that demonstrate God’s love and care for the people I interact with.  This I know is something I am called to even if the setting for me is uncertain now.

So, anyway, I have a lot of reading to do to get ready for the class and a couple of short papers to write reviewing the books. 

On top of this, I have a Greek quiz to get done this weekend.  So, this evening or tomorrow afternoon that is one thing I will be doing.

And then circumstances threw another big change into my schedule. Got a call on Tuesday that a space had opened up in a very nice home for my aunt but that we should either move her there on Thursday (New Years Eve) or next week.  Since next week I have a full slate of patients and since this kind of a move involves a huge amount of time for paperwork and packing not available when I am working, I chose to get the move done this week.  So far, the past three afternoons have been entirely taken up with this move and I expect today will be no different.  But today should finish the move.  I hope.

I have found that in spite of the full schedule things are getting accomplished.  I don’t have a lot of time to just relax though and very little time to enjoy the outdoors like I was anticipating.  But –37 C is a little cold for outdoor activities anyway, eh?


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2 responses to “Pushed to efficiency – but no rest in sight

  1. Pastoring a missional church is almost a contradiction, and is certainly a challenge. I have serious doubts about missional church, now I’ve been involved in one for 18 months, and about evangelists as community heads in general. Yes, churches need to be missional, but the missionality needs to be one aspect of church and not the defining and overwhelming focus. Otherwise people do not grow, either as Christians or as family, the backdoor stays wide open and immorality can run rife.

  2. Linea

    I do believe that pastoring a missional church would be a challenge but more because people are reluctant to choose to live in ways that reflect the mission of Christ than for any other reason. I think it would involve a daily and continued discernment of how and where God wants a community of believers to be his church in the world. It involves the community of believers responding as Jesus did to the world – with love and compassion in order to bring about God’s peace in the world. So, in a sense it is the defining raison d”etre of the church.
    I don’t understand how being a missional community of believers would prevent growth and allow immorality to run rife.