So it ends

I made a decision last night to end my participation in the local orchestra.

“End my participation” sounds so much better than “drop out of”, eh?

We were playing last night at one of the care homes; what Dean calls an open rehearsal. I have been trying very hard to find some practicing time over the past two weeks and thought I was not doing too badly but last night it was just too obvious that if I can’t practice more, I can’t contribute much to the orchestra. I’m still an early stage learner not an accomplished bassist who can take the simple songs we have and play them well without a lot of practice. I came home very frustrated and disappointed with myself after our rehearsal since even for the songs I thought I had prepared fairly well, I played way too slow to keep up.

So, I guess that’s it for now. For this year. For the bass.

I now will use the practice and orchestra time to work a bit harder on my Greek and see if that extra time helps me out there. Christmas is always a busy time for family so the extra freedom to enjoy the kids and grandkids will be good too. And then in January I go to Chicago for another class and start an online class in February. So, I will not be bored with nothing to do.

I’m the kind of person who adds things to my schedule with enthusiasm but lets go of things with reluctance. But there comes a point when reason prevails.

I will miss playing my bass with the orchestra. Very much.

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  1. Think of all that extra time you’ll have for…..uhhhh…!:)