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I have a lot of respect…

for anyone who can grow and maintain a perfect ‘fro. And sing his heart out to boot.

That was Alex Cuba. Really was worth the trip to Saskatoon and the late night which will catch up with me today, I am sure. He sang all his songs in Spanish which very few in the audience understood. His passion for music and life was unmistakable and came across to all os us.


Music – what a way for people to connect. I think God gave us a truly wonderful gift in our ability to make and appreciate music.

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And tomorrow

I’ve been invited by Christian to go with him to Saskatoon to the Jazz Bassment to hear Alex Cuba.  It may be a late night but should be fun.  And it is kind of cool that Christian thinks his mother likes the right kind of music enough to merit being invited.  I asked if we would be sure to get in, would there just be a cover charge or what and I was informed that we’d be on the guest list.  Super cool.  Can’t say I’ve ever been on any musicians guest list.

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Sort of took a day off

OK, so I posted about the sin of indifference and then yesterday when I could have been studying, I spent the afternoon watching a movie instead.  Seven Pounds.  I would recommend it.  Has some spiritual implications that make one think.

And I felt good about it.  I haven’t done anything for fun in a long time and I needed that. 

But now maybe it is time to get back to the books.  I am thinking that solitaire is the ideal thief of time and feeds my tendency to acedie all too well.

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I have a book that is presently my before bedtime reading; Acedia and Me by Kathleen Norris. Great book, especially as I see that it is an affliction (or sin) that besets me too. Last night what I read was profound. I usually don’t read stuff out loud to Leo but this was good. Acedia is often called laziness or sloth but as the author understands it, it is much more than what those words mean to me. She describes the concept of sin as something given to us to encourage us to believe that we are made in the image of God and to act accordingly. (p.114) Then she quotes the words of preacher Fred Craddock which “define the sin of sloth so clearly that it stings like a slap in the face.”

What we casually dismiss as mere laziness, he says, is “the ability to look at a starving child…with a swollen stomach and say, “Well, it’s not my kid”…Or to see an old man sitting alone among the pigeons in the park and say, “Well…that’s not my dad.”  It is that capacity of the human spirit to look out upon the world and everything God made and say, I don’t care.

She goes on to describe some of the injustices that do happen in North America by people hardened to other’s suffering.  And then continues with this profound insight:

But even as such outrages are exposed, we are beset by a curious silence: the more that societies ills surface in such evil ways, the less able we are, it seems, to detect any evil within ourselves, let alone work effectively together to fix what is wrong.  The philosopher Alasdair MacIntyre finds that while our “present age is perhaps no more evil than a number of preceding periods…it is evil in one special way at least, namely the extent to which we have obliterated …[our] consciousness of evil.” … Acedia, which is known to foster excessive self-justification, as well as a casual yet implacable judgmentalism toward others, readily lends itself to this process.  (114-115)

I had never thought of Acedia in these terms before; never thought of it as that kind of profound indifference and callousness that sets in and keeps us from keeps us from acting as people changed by Jesus.


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No camera

The sky was almost the color of my header this morning as I drove to work. ( Since I’ve since changed my header I inserted the original picture here.)


A bit pinker. Hope tomorrow’s sky is as vivid because today I had no camera along.

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Slow Down, You Move Too Fast

It is “garbage day” today.  I realized this as I was rushing out the door to go to work.  So, I grabbed the bag of garbage from the kitchen, the three things I”d put close to the back door for the next trip outside and my keys so I could start the car with the remote starter.  It didn’t start on the first push of the button from inside the house. 

I got to the bin, jerked open the frozen lid and noticed that some creature had managed to grab part of a bag through the split in the partly broken bin.  So, I leaned in and while throwing the stuff I had in my hands into the bin, I also pulled the ripped bag back into the inside so that it wouldn’t get stuck and stay there when the bin was emptied. 

I threw everything into the bin.  Including my keys.

My rushing resulted in me having to grab a new garbage bag, removing the spilled contents of the ripped bag plus all the other bagged garbage from the bin.  There, at the bottom of course, were my keys. 

At least I discovered the loss before the truck emptied the bin. 

But I think I should just slow down a bit and maybe not multi-task quite so effectively.

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I still have so much to figure out.

I am thinking through – or trying to – my personal theology of work and daily life (my understanding of God’s relationship to my world). Trying to figure out and appreciate the activity of God in the daily parts of living; you know, my relationship with Leo, the family, visitors, the grandkids, study and work and how my faith mixes with all these things; where God is in this ordinary daily stuff and what he wants from me.

I do not have it all sorted out. So this might just sound confused or extremely boring and I really do not want to bore you. So skip this if you want to read someone who has it all put together.

Sixty years and I still have so much to figure out. Continue reading


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