Seeming endless

Today was one of those days that just seemed to have no clear starting point.  Yesterday went on late into the night as I drove back from Saskatoon and the endodontic course, arriving back at my house around midnight, some 18 hours after my morning alarm woke me to start the day.

Then, tired but still alert from coffee on the road, I finally was settling into sleep when Leo’s phone rang.  He is on call but of course did not hear the phone – I did.  Back to sleep again.  At least I think I had fallen asleep when the phone rang again – 2:30 am.  This time it is the security people that monitor my office. Dragged myself out to check the office out.  It was fine and I was back into bed within half an hour.  But I was not asleep again – that took a lot longer. 

I had the sense to set the wake up time on the alarm back a couple of hours and didn’t wake till it rang at 7. 

Today was a very busy day at the school dental program.  I saw 40 kids and stayed alert enough to do that, have an interview at noon and participate in a staff meeting after school ended. 

But now my eyes feel like lead and I doubt that I will do anything productive.  So I shall try and sleep – till my kids and grandkids arrive from Saskatoon around 8. 

Tomorrow is another day.  Less demanding I hope.

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  1. Wow. What a crazy night/day! Hope you got some rest.