Daily Archives: November 24, 2009


In theses days of Advent, I receive a series of devotional posts from Goshen College.  In today’s devotional was a story I can identify with.  It goes like this:

A Hasidic story tells of a rabbi’s son who used to wander in the woods. The rabbi asked his son, "I wonder why each day you walk in the woods?" The boy replied, "I go there to find God." "That’s very good, son. But, don’t you know that God is the same everywhere?" "Yes," the boy answered, "but I’m not."

So, I likewise find myself needing to wander in the woods.  I think that is what my excursion to Anglin Lake was about.  Sitting inside studying my heart out may make me know some Greek but it does not connect my heart with God.  That connection with God is what I need the most.


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