I am waiting in the airport in Calgary, in the Maple Leaf Lounge.This is a good place to wait if you have studying or reading to do.  It is quiet and there is free tea and coffee and other things.  Leo decided that if I was going to travel, he would get this little perk for us.  And it is well worth it.  Otherwise airports are no fun at all!

Anyway, I am on my way back to Saskatoon after ALIVE, our church’s adult retreat.  I’m not sure if these things should be called a retreat since in the true sense of “retreat” it was not.  We did a lot of visiting, some worship with music and we heard God speak to us through Ruth Hill.


Ruth and I have known each other since back in the Congo.  Now it seems we are on a similar sort of faith journey, discovering that in our late 50’s/early 60’s, we are hearing God call us on into new endeavours that involve study. 

We also both have a weakness for chocolate and after spending our free time on Saturday in our books studying, happened to head out into the hotel corridor at the same time. We drove into downtown Canmore thinking we’d walk around and browse some shops.  Instead we just happened to walk by a Creperie within the first block and were divinely led inside to enjoy some wonderful crepes – Chocolate and Nutella.  What could we do but indulge?



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4 responses to “Indulgences

  1. Wow. Those look fantastic! Hope you aren’t too exhausted as you get back.

  2. Lisa

    that looks soooo good!

  3. I figure I’m about three hours from that place and could get there for supper if I tried…

    Soooo tempting.

  4. Linea

    I could consider moving there just for those crepes. But then I’d get to be 300 lbs I’m sure. So I guess it’s better for me here in PA with no crepes.