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O Mother,Where art Thou?

Today was quite the day. It was one of those morning when I sedate little kids so we can get some simple dental work done in a more pleasant way than the wrap and let scream method.  It is actually pretty hard to hold down a little kid that does not want a needle.  They become suddenly incredibly strong and make totally unpredictable movements.  Lovely when trying to do a mandibular block – and dangerous too.

I had just finished the first case and was measuring up the dose for the second child when I got a phone call.  Zaka’s day care was on the line.  He needed to be sent home since he had a “pink eye” and was not welcome to stay.  They could not reach his mom.


Well, the other day, Zaka’s mom had her purse stolen and although she found it and all her ID and cards were left alone, her cell phone was smashed.  Today she was in class at SIAST and it is pretty near impossible to find someone there it seems.  The messages I left on the program head’s phone got no response. 

So, I sent a staff member over to the day care and Zaka spent the morning at my office.  At first he was having a great time but several hours later he was very bored and getting noisier and noisier as he played in the waiting room with our big blocks. I needed to get him out of there so that I and my staff would be able to work in the afternoon.

So, off we went to the golden arches for a drive through lunch.  Could not locate his mom but we did find Uncle Christian who was still at home and volunteered to watch him for the afternoon even though he would have to miss his own classes. 

Then it just so happened that Zaka also had a dental appointment with me in the afternoon. At 4.  Thought for sure that his mom would remember and in going to pick him up to bring him for the appointment would discover that he was now at my house with his uncle.  It got close to the time of his appointment but no mom. So, Uncle brought him over. 

It really is not so great to be left at Grandmas when Grandma is the dentist and a filling is needed.  Mom was really the one he wanted by that time.  The dental visit was a bit less than a success. We did get a temporary patch job done and then I packed Zaka up and took him back for more time with uncle so I wouldn’t miss a hair appointment.

Finally, just before 6, mom showed up. She called Christian to see if he could give her some help with her computer and when he said he was at home looking after Zaka, she was pretty surprised. Poor mom.  She was upset that she had caused such a lot of work for all of us because she had no phone and because she had forgotten an appointment. 

Life as a single mom trying to go to school gets very complicated when the boy gets sick. 

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