Cold beauty


Yesterday I walked in the snow along the river. Most of the trees still have green leaves. Frozen green leaves. It’s been a precipitous entry into winter. Across the river the leaves have begun their change to orange but in the midst of snow there is a lot of green that does not belong to the evergreens.

Last week when the temperatures plummeted, some of the still green trees dropped their leaves in piles around suddenly bared trunks and branches. Left naked like a child dropping his clothes in heaps on the floor. No wind came to disturb the piles and now all those leaves lie covered by snow, the still green leaves of neighbouring trees hanging on to their greenery for now.

I need to walk more. The exercise is good but mostly I need to be out in this place so filled with northern prairie beauty. There are no stunning mountain views that remind me of the vast grandeur of God’s creation. There is just the cold and the newly fallen snow, the dark green of the spruce and pine, the yellow of the changing leaves and the river running through it all.

I was thankful for this place of great beauty that I am so privileged to live in, this river path where I can walk and think and talk to God in this place where, in the midst of the city, I can find quiet and beauty.

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