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I just caught myself napping. 

I said good bye to the departing children and grandkids and sat down and dozed off.  Maybe I’ll catch my second wind and get something done before bed – or maybe not.

It was a full day.  I got up early to get a lasagne put together and set the oven to go by 4:30 so things would be cooking when I got home, had a shower and left to do a bit of praying up  at the church before work, had an occupational health and safety meeting at lunch and worked most of the day.  A couple of patients failed to show up so I printed off some pictures and did some other paper work at the office before heading home at 5.  Had to swing by the store to get garlic bread and a couple other things and got caught in the slowest check out line up ever.  Didn’t get home till almost 6. Crazy!  At least the lasagne was ready.

And then the party began.  Grace is 22 today today was the big day we were officially introduced to the boyfriend.  So it was quite an evening.  He seems a nice guy and Zaka seems to like him too which is a good sign. And I think he survived the zoo that our house can be when it is full of brothers and sisters and children.

It was a good day even if it was a bit crazy. 

Now, I’d better run through my music for tomorrow’s practice and then get some sleep.

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