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So this is Saturday

I have just returned from a shopping trip to the mall with my daughter-in-law and my three grandchildren. 

Ahhh… the joys of shopping with children.   They were pretty good actually but I have gotten used to hunting around in shops at my leisure.  We spent time in the play area.  That’s not an area I usually visit. 

But  I did find a pair of dressy shoes that fit my wide, wide feet.  Now I’m set for the gala event I am attending this evening with the purpose of meeting up with a dental student I wll be mentoring over this coming year.  And I’ll get to visit with our past summer student and his wife as well as visit with Sara and her dental student boyfriend. 

Then I turn around and drive home – I think.  Unless it is just too late and I’m too tired.  My kids always seem to allow me to sleep over if I need to.

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