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A sad first

I had a first time experience yesterday.  I guess it was kind of first time for the whole office.  We called the police to come and remove a patient from the waiting room.

I also had my first one on one conversation, of sorts, with a patient so inebriated that she swung from being in tears to drooling to using descriptive phrases we don’t normally allow people to use in our office.  Finally sort of convinced her that we could NOT work on her and that she would have to go back out to the waiting room and call someone to come and pick her up.

It was rather pathetic.  She knew a number to call but the answer we got was that it wasn’t their business.  The next phone call got a promise to come that was never carried out.  Meanwhile she passed out in our waiting room only to wake up every now and then to tell everyone to shut up and stop making so much f…ing noise.  Sort of disruptive.  And very sad actually. 

Hated to call the police to take her away. 

Sad combination of fear, pain and long standing problems with alcohol.  And we could not help her.

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