Daily Archives: August 31, 2009

Welcome to the world, Kayden

Small correction – I spelled the name wrong. Correctly it is Kadyn.

Grand daughter number three and grandchild number six was born today. Mom and baby are doing fine.

Kieran is getting more and more anxious to get home. So, we should be in Saskatoon by tomorrow night before visiting hours close at the hospital. Then we will get our first peek at the new little addition to the family.

I think I’ll finish off a wonderful vacation by spending a day or two in Saskatoon doting on my grandchildren – and maybe washing up all of Kieran’s dirty clothes. Annette doesn’t need to face doing that when she gets home!

And then I will need to get my Greek lesson finished and a quiz done before the weekend so I will see what kind of progress I can make on that while at Dave and Annette’s. I must be back in PA to choose some paint colors too since the living/dining room is going to be painted.

And then life gets back to normal, whatever that looks like.


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