Daily Archives: August 24, 2009


Today is our first day in port.  We’re in a little place called Icy Straight Point where it looks as if there is a small trading post and maybe a fish cannery and that is about it. We need to buy kids toothpaste for Kieran.  He won’t use mint.  He said his mother wouldn’t let him use mint.  I suspect that may be stretching it but … he is so far brushing just with water.  Which really is OK. 

Yesterday we saw whales most of the afternoon.  Most were far enough away that we couldn’t really identify them.  Leo seems to get a kick out of identifying things.  I just like to watch.  The ocean fascinates me.  Whales are a plus.

We plan to go ashore but this morning Kieran is up with the kids program coloring and making volcanoes.  So after lunch we’ll ride in to shore on the tender boat and have a look around.


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