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The GPS Thingy

So, I was in Red Deer and my friends there had a GPS thing.  It so impressed me that I decided that it was a necessity and that I must get one for Leo for our just past anniversary and try it out, sort of break it in for him and all on my trip to Vancouver. 

Best investment I’ve made in electronic devices I’ve made since my i-pod which I am listening to right now on the hotel room I-pod speakers. 

I used it to find a specific winery in Summerland – took me right there.  Amazing!

Today it took me both to my cousin’s place and then way over here to this hotel.  I love the way it corrects my mistakes(if I make any)  and gives me directions to get back on track.  And, yeah, I’ve actually tried that feature out.  Great.

So, here I am at the hotel waiting for Leo and Kieran to arrive.  They did arrive at the airport but not here to the hotel yet.  Then I need to eat.

I had a wonderful trip wandering around in Alberta and BC.  Memories of places I grew up were stirred again.  That is good.  Visits with friends – exceptionally good.  Beautiful country to drive through and camp in. 

I will post pictures but tonight I need to sleep in a real bed.  Tomorrow the cruise begins.  I think I will find an internet connection on board at least a couple of times.

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