Stepping into shoes that maybe are still too big for me.

This is already a bit old being Tuesday already. But there was no internet service out in the bush where I was for the past couple of days.

So, I’ve had time to reflect on what happened Sunday. The experience was a bit unique. It is a good thing that we come together to worship, not to have slick entertainment. And we did worship. In spite of the fact that our speaker did not come and we had to improvise at the very last moment. And that the improvisation was me.

So, I led my first congregational communion service. Without benefit of a Covenant Book of Worship. Thank God that Paul wrote the basics in 1Corinthians! Thank God that we have an abbreviated liturgy, or at least a responsive reading in the back of the hymnal. And thank God that he showed up, we were fed and nourished by his Spirit and by his presence in our midst. We gathered as a body united in Christ, we remembered his death and resurrection and we were fed.

I was glad when they said to me, let us go into the house of the Lord.(Ps 122) I really was. But… I told everyone that they shouldn’t expect to see me in church again till we have a real pastor. (After all, I will be away for the next month and the real McCoy’s should be here by then.)


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8 responses to “Stepping into shoes that maybe are still too big for me.

  1. I wish things like that would happen more often! We are a priesthood of the believers, I am thrilled you had that experience. I hope you have it again. I ended up being a pastor due to such a start. Who says you need the official titles, you just need God! [ and a bible, you are right]

  2. SWEET!!

    How cool is that, “Let’s just toss Linea in at the deep end and see if she floats!”

    Apparently she floated nicely indeed.

  3. Yup she floated well. It was a good Sunday.

  4. Melody

    Yes, it was a good Sunday, in spite of, or because of circumstances, but mostly just because God was there and in charge–it was really good. (Thanks, Linea–your gracious willingness to facilitate communion was a big blessing to me!)

  5. Linea

    Thanks guys. It was a good Sunday for me too.

  6. I’ve been thinking about ‘liturgy’ in the sense of how we do church (rather than in the sense of following a bunch of instructions) recently. It seems I may well end up leading the Sunday morning meetings in HPC quite a bit heading into the autumn, and I’ve been trying to wrap my head round what they do and how it’s done. I don’t want to follow a pattern mindlessly, but I also don’t want to just create ‘Toni’s way’ of doing it either.

    In BCC it is relatively easy and quite difficult: just do what you see God doing and let Him sort it out. Sure there’s a framework, but as much as anything it’s just like giving you a title and first line in a piece of creative writing. It think with standard liturgy’s it tends to be much more a case of opportunity in how you turn the pages than what is said or done.

    So well done, moving out into some less defined spaces while allowing yourself to be guided. Not the easiest thing in the world, but often a much more Spirit-filled thing than than walking another man’s path.

  7. You know, I keep coming back to this page, not being happy with what I wrote, but also not knowing what to say to correct it.

  8. Linea

    Toni, I think what you said makes sense. For myself, liturgy adds something to the sacraments and symbols of our faith that enriches my experience of God. But that’s me and how it seems to work for me.