Riding and thinking along the way

Yesterday by the time supper was over and I had sat down for a bit, the sun came out and I decided that I had better go for a ride. If I slack off on the bike riding, it takes more motivation to do it the next day. Funny how it is that way with good things – or at least with things that are potentially good for me; it takes absolutely no effort to sit in front of the computer and play mindless games.

I really do enjoy the rides. And the sky is usually gorgeous with an orange sum settling below the tree line on the horizon as I make my way home again. Also, there is now a path that takes me down the hill behind the houses in Riverview back to the river path. I ride up the road to the church then go left on the path – The Rotary Trail as it is officially known – the path takes me now past a new housing development and then down the hill. The hill is very steep. It is exciting to let go and take off at great speed. Probably crazy for a 60 yr old woman. But fun. I like it.

Last night when I was riding, I took a slightly different path. I was just a bit too tired to pedal up the hill by the church so I cut in behind Berezowsky School and took a back path that took me about halfway up the hill. A bit less of a thrill but still enough of a descent to let me go fast.

On my way back home last night, I got to thinking. I am reading NT Wright’s book Surprised By Hope. This is some of the fun reading that I can do now that my classes are done for the summer. I really like the way books like this stimulate me to think. As I was riding, I could not help but wonder at all the things that I do not understand. Maybe that is partly why I am in seminary. There is so much to delve into, so much more than I will ever understand but so much that I will enjoy trying to learn. I have some sort of need to spend my time asking questions and then when I do, up pop some more. It seems as if I have an endless ability to ask and such a limited ability to know.

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