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Heading south

to the first ever Lanoie family reunion. I guess it is 100 years since the ancestors left Quebec for other parts, some coming out west and others heading down to the US.  I guess times were hard back in those days in Quebec.

So most of the kids and their kids are going.  I am almost packed; just waiting for my passengers to finish work. 

I won’t take my laptop with me on this trip.  I doubt that the little motel we are lodging in will have wireless anyway.  And I can give this a rest to do some serious visiting.  And I think all my grandchildren will be there. I am taking the camera for sure.

I should be back in this space on Monday night. 

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Yeah, that is how many years I have been married, as of today.

For the most part they have been great and I wouldn’t trade him in for a new model for love or money.  Not for love, cause he is the one and only man I’ve ever loved.  Not for money either cause he is worth more than any amount of money could acquire.

After all, who else but a husband of 39 years would spend the afternoon of his wedding anniversary doing the laundry?  After getting him so well trained why would I want to trade him in.  He’s just mellowing well with age.

(and I’m not getting any younger either)

Last night we spent the evening with good friends eating too much, drinking too much and laughing an awful lot.

Tonight we spent the evening quietly together at Chandeliers which is becoming one of our favourite places to dine out. 

Now, I think I am ready to preach in the morning and I put together some things for the Sunday service for the family reunion next week.  So off I go to bed with my book in hand.  And your imagination can figure out if I read or…celebrate.


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Seems to me this is sort of Kingdom work – making our world a safer place by our willingness to risk for others.  I wonder…  God is certainly at work here even if the participants are unaware.

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Plane crashes

Tragic accident in Kamsack – plane crash kills Saskatoon eye surgeon.

The story is here.

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A Day With Friends

We spent the day up at Waskesiu with our good friends the Kents yesterday.  The weather was perfect – hot and sunny – perfect lake weather. 


Waskesiu has become quite the vacation hot spot in this area.  A few years ago there was little development.  Now new and very expensive cabins are going up where there used to be tiny little cabins and shack tents.  In fact there is a “historical” display of these old structures by the administrative centre.  It is indicative of my age, I guess, that this is history I remember – like yesterday.

Anyway, pictures are worth more than words so here are a couple of shots from our day.  There are more over at Flikr.




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What a good weekend!

All weekend seemed like one big party/visit.  And it was. 

Leo’s brother Paul was up for the weekend so Leo was busy entertaining him.  PAUL visited the farm and saw the llamas that Michelle bought at an auction.  Pets for Kimia I’m sure.  Then he went shopping with Michelle while Leo and the guys watched CFL – Yeah Roughriders!  He came home with some fish which died overnight and some plants which were still living this morning when he left.

Yesterday was Kieran’s sixth birthday party.  The plans were to have a barbeque out at Little Red Park.  It was a beautiful day yesterday and there was not a single picnic table to be had out there.  So just before I left for the park, thinking that was where the festivities were happening, I got a call.  “Can we all come to your place?”  So there you go – always have the house in some reasonable semblance of order for these unexpected occurrences!  We have a nice yard and over the weekend I actually did a lot of weeding and planting and had gotten it in decent shape. 

So we celebrated in style.  Kieran had a good time and that was the main thing.



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I am a new creation…

This book by NT Wright that is causing me to think is exciting.  I suppose it is exciting to become aware of old ideas presented in new ways that in turn open up new horizons of thought.  God is always so much greater than – well greater than I thought him to be just yesterday.  And so each day of life brings new possibilities; new chances to think in new ways.

Surprised by Hope is about the resurrection.  It’s about the promise of new life and new creation that we have in Christ.  So here are a few quotes that seem significant to me so far:

The challenge is in fact the challenge of new creation.  To put it at its most basic: the resurrection of Jesus offers itself, to the student of history or science no less than the Christian or the theologian, not as an odd event within the world as it is but as the utterly characteristic, prototypical, and foundational event within the world as it has begun to be.  It is not an absurd event within the old world but the symbol and starting point of the new world.  The claim advanced in Christianity is of that magnitude:  Jesus of Nazareth ushers in not simply a new religious possibility, not simply a new ethic or a new way of salvation, but a new creation.  p67

and then a page later:

…the question of Jesus’ resurrection, though it may in some senses burst the boundaries of history, also remains within them; that is precisely why it is so important, so disturbing, so life and death.  We could cope – the world could cope – with a Jesus who ultimately remains a wonderful idea inside his disciples’ minds and hearts.  The world cannot cope with a Jesus who comes out of the tomb, who inaugurates God’s new creation right in the middle of the old one.  p68

Good stuff. 

Reminds me of that chorus – “I am a new creation… here by the grace of God I stand.”

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