Last week in Chicago

Trying to sum up the last week. I wasn’t just ignoring this space. It is always a bit harder to post from a strange computer especially when there really is no time for writing – other than working on my papers for class.

It is an intense experience completing a full university 3 credit class in one week. Of course there is the pre course work and the post course papers so it does take more than just the one week. The next paper due – by the end of this week – is basically a case study to which we apply principles we learned in our readings and class work. Then a bigger 10 page paper due in a month. No rest for me.

Chicago was cold and wet. It rained almost every day except for Saturday afternoon and Sunday – when it was time to leave. There was no time for seeing any sights but we did spend time with friends every evening. That was good. And no shopping time saved me a bunch of money I’m sure.

The course content was challenging and the class sessions stimulating. As I was telling someone, it felt by the end of each day as if my brain had swollen from all that it had soaked up like a sponge. By Thursday we were a quieter group. I think we all were a bit overloaded. The course however, was excellent. It gave me a new and more profound understanding of caring practices and the theological and philosophical language which helps one to give words to why we need to be caring people.

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  1. Welcome back, glad you’re OK.