Off to Chicago

I am up early this morning that we leave for Chicago. I rarely seem to sleep in anymore. I probably need a long holiday to let myself totally relax. Sort of need to reset the old biological clock with a long rest and no alarms.

But today we leave for Chicago and a week long course at our denominational seminary, North Park.

The course will be good; right down our alley, so to speak. The Theology of Caring and Health. And since the paper I needed to have completed before the course is done, I am beginning to anticipate this week eagerly.

We also will get to spend time with old friends from the Congo as well as see friends from my spiritual direction course. And then on our way back Rachelle and Ronin will come out to see us for a couple of hours at the airport in Toronto.

So, now I’d better go and do all those last minute packing things and close up the suitcase. You may hear from me in Chicago. I guess that depends on computer availability but I will try.


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2 responses to “Off to Chicago

  1. I’ve been thinking of you a couple of times already down there at north Park and all it’s memories. Kinda sorry that won’t be a part of my story this summer.

    Have fun, say hi, and enjoy the classes again.

    and say hi to Leo for me.

  2. Linea

    It is cold here but fun. Going to supper with Neil T tonight. I’m busy getting seminary stuff sorted out so all is good. Brain is stuffed full of good things.