Friends are so great

Today I was planning so many things to do.  Our turn for serving soup was here and I wanted to help.  However, I have a sermon to preach tomorrow and a LOT of studying to do to finish up my Greek course.  (It seems as if the closer I get to the final, the more stuff is filling up my evenings and keeping me from studying.)

Anyway, last night I went out.  My friend, A, was involved in a show with some of her art and I really wanted to go both to support her and to see her latest works.  So I did.  The glass of wine was a nice way to relax as I walked around with other friends and we took in the show.  I was so tired last night having spent a good part of the day in the OR.  And other friends were there and told me that I would only be needed for a part of the day to help in the soup kitchen.  That bit of news was such a relief. 

Then this morning I got a call and was told that so many other folks from church had come to help that they would not need me at all. 

There was another load lifted away!  I love to help and so I miss being there but this time studying and sermon prep did need to take priority.  I see this as one of the little ways that God watches out for me.  It might just look like luck to you but whatever, I see God in this.

So, I have been studying  pretty much all day, except for a trip up to Canadian Tire to pick up a few necessities. 

Now, since it is finally warm again, I might just take the bike out for a few minutes.

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