My day has been quiet.  I had very few obligations today and even some of the things I intended to get done, I didn’t even attempt. (In other words I’ve sort of been lazy)

The day got off to a leisurely start at 6 am and for me this means I slept in a bit.  My biological alarm clock has a loud and persistent ring and I just wake up.  Made some very good strong coffee and sat and talked to God with no time constraints.  That was good. 

I did study.  I sat and wrote out vocabulary words and know enough to know I need to do that again.  So I will.  Till I think I know them.  Then I’ll do the quiz and realize that there are a lot of words I still don’t know. 

And the day held a few other things.  Reading for the summer course; looking up scripture passages for the Bible test I have to take.  I never was good at remembering chapter and verse. (I blame it on the fact there is a number to remember) It seems as if repetition is my destiny for the next few years.  Maybe it will do my brain some good. 

Then I sat and went over some issues I needed to discuss with a friend.  That took a couple of hours.  Stuff I need to deal with that will be a challenge for me. 

What a way to spend a lovely spring day!  Actually it was very windy most of the day.  I did manage to squeeze in a bike ride and in spite of the wind which made for hard pedalling on the way home, I was out in the sun and fresh air and remembered again why I love to ride my bike.

Then I re-potted some plants.  That was as close to gardening as I got today.  It is still way too cold to even think of putting plants outside.  But in the sun and the songs of the birds in the back yard there was the promise of warmer days ahead. 

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