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Lets see now,

Why was I taking this Greek class again?

I just wrote my final.  It was long.  And hard. 

The Mid-term was only about 3 pages and I had two hours to do it.  The Final was about 8 pages and I only had two hours to do it. 

Needless to say, there were parts that I did not complete.

I really do not know if I passed this exam.  I hope my good marks throughout the year will help me pass but I have no idea.

But its done and now on with the next course.  I have 2 books to read this week and a paper to write.  So I probably won’t blog much till after we get back from Chicago. 

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A Quote

We cannot prove our love of God except by loving our fellow humans. Jesus Christ loved God precisely by loving his fellow men and women.

– Anthony Wilhelm,
Christ Among Us (1967)

Via Sojourners

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Just listening

Here I stand on my loft deck looking over the river on the fading daylight. There are the inevitable background city sounds. Across the river there is traffic on the highway. But here, it is very still. I am listening to the gueese settling on the river for the night and to the songbirds that are still up.

This is a good place to be.

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On a less stressful note

It is my hubby and best friend’s birthday today.  He joins me now in my old age. 


Sixty years suits him well I think.  He gets to become a doting grandfather and having lost well over 100 lbs in the last year, he has more energy to invest in life.  In fact, he was off to play golf at 6 am today to begin his birthday celebrations.

Looking forward to the next batch of years we have together.


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I have one high stress week coming up.  Next Saturday morning I am writing my final exam in Greek. 

I wrote my last quiz this morning.  As I was writing it, I could recognise the way I react to stress.  My mind sort of shuts down.  It simply goes blank.  I have studied and studied and I should know the answers but my brain searches the database and give me one of those “page not found” messages.

So, this morning I was dealing with this reaction of mine, sort of watching it happen and then having to decide that my mind is giving me a false message.  To do this I have to sit and regurgitate some of the facts that I know I know instead of looking at the question being asked.  Once I do that, once I write out one verbal declension, it all sort of falls back into place – mostly anyway. 

But there is much to review and so I doubt that I will post much this  coming week.  Of course, sometimes it is good to get away from the books and see what is going on in the world with my friends.

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Snow And Ice

I would post a picture but I have misplaced my point and shoot camera.  And besides, it is too depressing.  Everything is covered in snow and ice. 

Poor budding branches.  Poor frozen leaves.

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Quote from Eternal Echoes by John O’Donohue


Every day of your life joy is waiting for you, hidden at the heart of the significant things which happen to you or secretly around the corner of quieter things. If your heart loves delight, you will always be able to discover the quiet joy that awaits to shine forth in many situations. Prayer should help us develop the habit of delight. We weight the notion of prayer with burdens of duty, holiness and the struggle for perfection. Prayer should have the freedom of delight. It should arise from and bring us to humour, laughter, and joy. Religion often suffers from a great amnesia; it constantly insists on the seriousness of God and forgets the magic of the divine glory. Prayer should be the wild dance of the heart, too. In the silence of our prayer we should be able to sense the roguish smile of a joyful god who, despite all the chaos and imperfection, ultimately shelters everything.


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