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O’Donohue – from Eternal Echoes

Eternal Echoes: Celtic Reflections on our Yearning to Belong

Encouragement also helps you to engage and trust your own possibility and potential. Sometimes you are unable to see the special gift that you bring to the world. No gift is ever given for your private use. To follow your gift is a calling to a wonderful adventure of discovery. Some of the deepest longing in you is the voice of your gift. The gift calls you to embrace it, not to be afraid of it. The only way to honour the unmerited presence of the gift in your life is to attend to the gift; this is also a most difficult path to walk. Each gift is different; there is no plan or programme you can get ready-made from someone else. The gift alone knows where its path leads. It calls you to courage and humility. If you hear its voice in your heart, you simply have to follow it. Otherwise your life would be dragged into the valley of disappointment. People who truly follow their gift find that it can often strip their lives and yet invest them with a sense of enrichment and fulfillment that nothing else could bring. Those who renege on or repress their gift are unwittingly sowing the seeds of regret. p. 62,63

There is something in this paragraph that rings true to me. There is something in this paragraph that resonates with who I am and how life has called me to become who I am.

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This does seem a little silly

– to be helping Leo set up his new computer.  He just bought himself a Toshiba Satellite.  Nice.  Just finished installing the XP downgrade.  Installing Firefox right now.  Then a free antivirus.  Then we’ll put works in.  I’ve installed open office on mine but we had too many problems with existing files from work that did not transfer over well.  So we broke down and bought the Works and office suites.   Oh, well, business expenses I guess.

I just do not think of myself as knowing much about computers.


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Some Crying Going On

Little kids stumbling around in a daze.  Staggering.  Some crying because they are here.  Some crying because they do not want to go home. 

It’s another sedation morning.  Mostly went fine except for the kid who had not come for a year.  His work is so extensive now that he has to have it done under general anaesthetic. 

Great way to start Wednesday morning.


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