Off to Conference

So, in a day, I should be in Surrey for our church annual meeting and conference.  I haven’t gone as a delegate for – longer than I can remember. 

I am looking forward to this one.  There are people I want to see again, especially Randall and Lauralea and another of my former pastors, Keith Fullerton and his wife.  And I suspect there will be many others that I have come to know over the years.  That is the main attraction of these events for me – reconnecting with people, seeing where our separate paths have taken us. 

I sure do wish, though, that I had not come down with this stupid cold. 

Anyway, I’ll be taking off tomorrow at about noon and won’t be back till late Sunday night.  I’m hauling along my books so that hopefully I will get some studying done, maybe write one of the last two quizzes when I get back.  It will be nice to finish up the Greek course and get on with the reading for my summer course. 

And I want to be able to simply take a week or so to enjoy the spring and early summer that will happen so suddenly in the next three weeks.  I have a night at the lake courtesy of my staff that I need and want so badly to take advantage of.


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3 responses to “Off to Conference

  1. Have a good time there.

  2. Flying with a head cold can be miserable. Will pray for your health. And that the meeting/conference is good.

  3. Linea

    Thanks Phil. I go armed with decongestants and nasal spray!