This does seem a little silly

– to be helping Leo set up his new computer.  He just bought himself a Toshiba Satellite.  Nice.  Just finished installing the XP downgrade.  Installing Firefox right now.  Then a free antivirus.  Then we’ll put works in.  I’ve installed open office on mine but we had too many problems with existing files from work that did not transfer over well.  So we broke down and bought the Works and office suites.   Oh, well, business expenses I guess.

I just do not think of myself as knowing much about computers.


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3 responses to “This does seem a little silly

  1. I’m curious about the XP downgrade. Is this something built into Vista? Something you had to purchase? Something you could download for free?

  2. linealanoie

    The downgrade can be obtained when a person buys certain Toshiba products on-line. So, I chose a professional model which included the downgrade media.

    The people at certain stores do not even seem to know that this can be done and they offer computers running on Vista for a lot less.Maybe they do this knowing that a new system is coming out. I’m not sure if the downgrade can be purchased from Microsoft.

  3. Marc – many computer suppliers (particularly those doing laptops and business machines) are still offering XP as an alternative. If I’d bought a PC based laptop this is what I’d have selected. The OS is stable, fast, mature, highly compatible and provided updates etc are maintained, secure. It is very hard to see a case for vista if you are a ‘professional’ user IMO.

    Linea – anyone who knows how to do something that someone else doesn’t is a relative ‘expert’.