She wants the day off!

Just took out two wisdom teeth on a good friend.

I hope she heals up quickly and with no complications.  I hate complainers and since she works here, I will have to sympathize and listen to her.  :)  Of course she is not the complaining type – at all.  So maybe our friendship will remain intact.  It did after the last two wisdom teeth.  I really do love my friends and hate to hurt them.


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4 responses to “She wants the day off!

  1. Does pulling out wisdom teeth hurt that much?
    Must be hard being a dentist. Mum wants me to study dentistry next year but I’m more interested in studying medicine and then studying surgery(I have an unhealthy fascination with surgery) or studying veterinary science (so I can become a vet).

  2. Linea

    It is sometimes painful for the patient. That is why patients are often sedated for having the four wisdom teeth out at once. There is a lot of pressure placed on the jaw so it is the pressure that is uncomfortable. The patient will often feel the pressure even when they are very numb from the local anesthetic.

    Dentistry has been a great career choice for me. I like working with my hands – like a surgeon does. I like this kind of detailed work and the way I get to work with people.

    You will need to follow whatever path draws you the most.

  3. Hmmmm, yes I can relate kind of to that. I remember I had an extra tooth growing about 1cm behind my central incisors and I had anesthetic injected in the region (which felt very weird for the next 12 hours). The pressure they put on pulling the tooth was quite uncomfortable and I had a gaping hole in the area where they pulled the tooth out. I was a very big hole that eventually filled out by itself but I can still feel a mini dent where that tooth was with my tongue even today.

    I guess I wouldn’t mind dentistry but atm, it’s not exactly shouting out to me. As with all medical careers, getting into the course is extremely difficult and competition is tight. With dentistry in Australia, the pay is extremely good so dentistry is a very popular choice. However, they recently removed the only university that offered dentistry in Sydney and Melbourne withdrew it’s course so it’s made studying dentistry even more competitive and difficult.

  4. linealanoie

    Too bad it has become so difficult to study dentistry where you are.

    I wish you the best as you go through the next few years studying in whatever career choice you make. May you be blessed by the choices you make.