Kids – Blessings Eventually

There is no doubt that every one of my kids is a blessing from God.  Of course, a few years ago I would not have said that.  It takes time to get some distance from them in order to appreciate their individuality.

But, tonight, I spent almost 90 minutes talking to one of those kids.  He commented on my sermon last Sunday.  He listened!  And then we talked about how God has been present in his life over the past ten or so years and what his personal struggles have taught him about himself, about God and about life. 

I just about told him I had to study.  The evening was well spent in conversation.  Much better than an extra hour on Greek contract verbs!

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2 responses to “Kids – Blessings Eventually

  1. I hope my parents see that in me one day.
    The roles are kinda reversed in that I’m always trying to get mum to not fall asleep during sermons… She’s stopped going to church all together in the last 6 months >.<
    And I think Dad isn’t being encouraged alot to go to church regularly.
    Neither am I and mum is using the excuse that I need to work hard studying in my final year of high school…

  2. linealanoie

    Moms do sometimes get very tired and also she may be a bit depressed. It kind of goes with the time of life when our children are teenagers and our hormones are a-changing. Take good care of her. You sound like a wonderful kind of kid to have around.