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There was a time

when it seemed terribly important to post all sorts of events here in this space. 

Somehow it does not seem so urgent anymore.  Maybe that means it is time to give this a rest, but I don’t know.  Maybe it just means that I need more time to think through the events of the day and reflect on them.  It is hard to do that when I am tired or when there are a billion other things I should be doing.

Today was good. 

It didn’t start out feeling very good.  This was my Sunday to speak and I felt a bit at loose ends with what I had to say.  Quite frankly I didn’t feel terribly inspired and, although I know this whole preaching thing involves more than just me being inspired, I felt rather ill prepared and ill fit to speak about anything.  Today’s scripture passages were great, not obscure or unrelated so I don’t think it was about not having good resources to draw from.  Maybe what I most felt was just plain old inadequate; inadequate to tie things together as I would have liked to and certainly inadequate to say anything challenging or deeply spiritual.

So I guess it was not about me.  Which it should not be anyway.  The fact that God could use me on a rather mediocre day is frankly a miracle enough for me.  I probably ended up being more encouraged than my audience by the end of the morning when Y came up to me and thanked me.  He said that what I said was clear – and his English is limited.

Then E and M invited us up for lunch.  I brought the yams and green beans and they supplied the deer sausage and wine and did the cooking.  It is always fun to get together at their place and a chance to be gifted with one of Kimia’s carefully guarded little smiles.

This afternoon I completed another quiz in Greek so that made me feel good.  And tonight I met with my women friends to read another chapter in Scot McKnight’s book. 

Today was good.

Now I guess we’ll see what the freezing rain does to my day tomorrow. 

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