Daily Archives: March 19, 2009

Challenges of these days

I know I haven’t posted much here this week.  I have been incredibly tired, and then in the middle of the night seem to wake and lie there sleepless even when I know that sleep is what I need most.

Last night I did a good workout on the exercise bike and slept like a baby.  So, maybe more exercise is what I need most.

There are other things that occupy my mind too.  Like retirement and when and how it will happen –  soon I hope.  This is the downside of owning part of a business I guess.  It is not something I can just walk away from.  I can’t just quit.  Too many staff and patients need me to make a smooth and responsible transition.

So, life goes on.  It is good and I still love what I do.  But I know that I need to move on to a new phase and this transition is more complicated than just stuff related to the job.  It also involves some shifts inside me, I am learning more about myself and who I am and want to become over the last couple of decades of life here on earth.  Life never stops being challenging I guess.  Actually I hope it will not stop challenging me to grow and change.

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