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Wonders Never Cease – or The case of the parking lot microwave

I got a call from the security company that monitors the alarm at my office early this morning.  Back door(staff door) sensor had gone off and should they dispatch the police.  I said “no” that I would go and check on it.  Although it was only 4:45 am I was up and moving.  (Leo had to leave for Lloydminster early this morning.)

I arrived at the parking lot to see a microwave sitting there with the light on, plugged in to one of our parking lot plugs.  No door left, broken glass plate beside the sidewalk.

I immediately thought that I had misjudged this call, that in spite of
-35 temperatures someone had been wandering around or had entered our office and done some vandalism.  But the doors were both locked and as I gingerly opened the back door I could see no evidence that we had had a break in.  I walked through the clinic and nothing was out of place.  Our microwaves were both in their places down in the staff room.

So, I have no idea who was out cooking in the parking lot last night.  It will likely remain an unsolved mystery.  Maybe we will have to turn off the outside power at night to prevent late night snacking at the office in the parking lot.

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