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My weekend

This has been one of those weekends when I will be glad that my stint of being on call is over.  The cases that kept me occupied were bona fide emergencies and I don’t regret that I was called out to help.  but it disrupts the days – and nights.  Saturday, after getting a fitful sleep waiting to be called in the middle of the night, I was tired all day.  I probably would have been no more tired if the Dr in Emerg had called me at 2 am.  But he was kind and was able to handle the bleeding patient without my presence.

Last night I did go in around 11 PM.  A young girl playing had slipped and pushed her front teeth backwards so that she could no longer could close her teeth well and had lacerated her gums so badly that stitches were needed.  I got home around 12:30 this morning and then was wide awake.  I had to settle a bit, before crawling into bed half an hour later.  It wasn’t that I was upset, more on a sort of high that comes with doing a good thing and feeling pleased.

Then this morning, we were victims of the time change in Ontario.  Rachelle actually woke us up when she called at 7 our time thinking she had better catch us before we left for church.

Tonight my day wraps up reading Scot McKnight’s The Blue Parakeet with the superintelligent group of women that I call  friends.  We have a good time together and it is good to read, study, talk and pray together.

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