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Another annoying call

It seems as if telemarketers have decided that since we are not at home during the day, they will call us after 8 at night. I am just a bit tired of answering their calls. Tonight was a new one – for me anyway. The Canadian We Don’t Do Drugs Society.

I’m sure it is a worthy cause among the many hundreds of other worthy causes that have called us this year. I just do not have a clue who they really are.

And I am tired by this time of the evening and they just disturbed me from something I would rather be doing. They never, never, never pronounce our last name right. Just one other little irritating factor.

So, sorry, Mr Caller. I’m sure it is not really your fault. You are trying to make some kind of a living by bothering people like me and I feel for your situation but please, please stop calling.


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Awareness of the sacred in life is what holds our world together and the lack of awareness and sacred care is what is tearing it apart.

Joan Chittister, from Wisdom Distilled From the Daily

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Enjoying life

The Mid-term is done and I think was good. Now, of course, I have to wait to hear how I did and all but I feel good and the translations we were asked to do were no way as difficult as the ones in the workbook.

That was the first mid-term I have written in about 36 years. All week I’ve been just a bit anxious. Last night as Leo and I returned from a retirement party I confessed to him that I was a bit anxious. He replied to that understatement with, “You think? I’ve noticed it for the whole week.”

So, today after the exam, we went out snow shoeing, had a few glasses of wine with friends, had some of her gourmet appetizers that were more like a twelve course meal than appetizers and had a very relaxing time visiting.

Now, we have just finished watching Gran Torino from a friends copy. Great movie. We may have to go to confession for watching a copied movie – and I honestly do not know where he got it from or who Leo’s friend is. But I am so glad we got to watch it. It left the cinema before my midterm – when I was still in the too anxious to go to a movie stage.

Today was about enjoying life, even enjoying the course I wrote the mid-term for, and enjoying love with the man I’ve spent the past 381/2 years with.

And I did not even eat one piece of chocolate. Such restraint.

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This week the quiet around here means that I really am studying and have no time to think deep or even shallow thoughts.

Oh yeah and in spite of trying to study have obligatory meetings or activities scheduled 3 out of 5 nights. I sit nervously thinking of all I should be studying during the evening, hoping my brain remembers the right stuff.

See you after the mid-term.

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Every Now and Then

For my sanity, I have to get away by myself. I need solitude in order to regain my balance.

Solitude plus nature is just about pure bliss.

So – this weekend was a treat for me. It was needed for many reasons and it was good. Here is where I stayed.


But now, I’m back and this week will hold many things, including my midterm in Greek. I spent a lot of good time studying this weekend and I guess that is what every spare minute this week will be composed of. It seems as if every time I go back over the paradigms, there is something not quite remembered, so I repeat it again, write it out, read it out, look at it, listen to it. I have learned a lot but there is so much more to remember perfectly.

Well, I don’t suppose I will do perfectly, but I will do my best.

Anyway, I have put a few of the pictures I took this weekend up over at Flikr if you want to check them out. I’ll also be posting some of them this week on my Click blog.

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Heading north

Well, in a few minutes I am heading upt o a cabin at Waskesiu for one of my solitude weekends. Things will be quiet here since there is no internet out there. But that will probably be good. More space for God to speak into the quiet. It’s funny maybe but going away for a weekend of quiet and prayer is so inviting to me – like going away to have an intimate visit with my best friend. And I can hardly wait to be on the way. Just a couple of errands to do on my way out of town.

I do regret that I chose this weekend to be away since it is communion Sunday and it has been too long. but I need this weekend.

I will also be studying for my mid-term in Greek which happens next Saturday. And reading some other good stuff that is packed away in my bag. Snowshoes and camera are in there too. The weather should be perfect temperature wise although it is very grey and overcast. Maybe some snow in the forcast? We’ll see, I guess.

Now I’m off. Back Sunday night. Have a good weekend all.

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Read what he says.

The ideas that Jordon speaks about here keep popping back into my head.

I think these changes that make our communities better places are part of what we are called to as Christians, a huge part of how we are to influence our world to become safer more loving places to live.

Read what he says. It is worth your time.

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