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“How much do you have to hate somebody to believe that everlasting life is possible, and not tell them that?”

Apparently made by well known performer and atheist, Penn Jillette.



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  1. Jean Harder


  2. None at all. It just requires a little apathy and the familiarity of rejection by nonnies.

    However in the context of that comment they already know enough to know they reject it.

    This is quite interesting actually. Who in the west could say they’ve never heard of Jesus, heaven, ‘being saved’? So the question then comes “Why should I tell you when you’ll just continue to reject it? Are you too lazy to ask for yourself?”.

  3. Karen

    I like this quote. It hits on something true, not about hatred but upon realizing the value of what’s hanging in the balance.

    And, in response to Toni, I see your point, but actually a lot of people in the west think they know what it’s all about, but don’t have the real idea or facts…. sure some do but I know it’s not accurate to assume everyone has all they need to know to make valid accept or reject decision just because they live in the west. And in fact, much of what used to be common knowlege is no longer, especially with the barrage of crap that the media puts out there about Christianity.

  4. This is where the quote is from, a Penn Jillette “home video”:

    The comments in the video are about a man who approached Jillette after a show and gave him a New Testament. Jillette appreciated it, that it was exactly the kind of thing he would expect a believer to do.

    It’s an interesting quote, because many people are offended by prosthelytizing. Jillette, an outspoken atheist, doesn’t feel that way.

    Judging by what he says in the video, Jillette isn’t all that well-informed about Christianity–or at least not the Bible.