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Special Prayers

Last night I had supper with Dave and Annette and the kids before returning home.  Kieran said grace. 

He announced that he wanted to say a special prayer, not the usual one.  I’m not sure what the usual one is but this one was certainly not the usual.  Kieran is a pretty special kid with a very creative spirit.  In other words, you never know just what he is thinking up. 

This prayer would be special, he said, because it was going to be about Valentines Day. 

Yep, it was about Valentines Day.  He must have really enjoyed the day.  He went on at length about how good the day was. 

I think the food on the table was just an excuse to give us a piece of his imagination.  But, hey – God has to take responsibility for instilling in us that desire to be loved and our enjoyment of being loved by the people closest to us, our family.  So, I think he made God smile.  The words didn’t come straight out of his “God book” but they sure came from his heart.  And I thanked God for the wonder of grandchildren once again.

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