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I am thinking

I really am. I am sure there are some thoughts in this brain somewhere.

There is just a lot of other stuff going on around me these days. Starting to set up plans for vacation. Hope to take Kieran with us on our cruise up to Alaska. Arranging that.

Tax stuff which has to be worked on soon. Starting to gather together my stuff.

Studies. Hope to hear about midterm marks.

Tomorrow is free. It feels as if the day is a gift but it is not without its limits as far as getting things done. And I have to go by the Bison for coffee. Laura was asking where I am. Lots of other little odds and ends to tie up tomorrow too.

What I would like to do is have time to put together some thoughts I have had as I’ve been reading Joan Chittister’s book Wisdom From The Daily. Daily life for me is full of work; good work and useful work but sometimes hard to see past the humdrum steadiness of it to appreciate it as God’s gift to me and to others through me. So maybe I will get some time to sketch that out this weekend too.

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