Daily Archives: February 17, 2009

Another annoying call

It seems as if telemarketers have decided that since we are not at home during the day, they will call us after 8 at night. I am just a bit tired of answering their calls. Tonight was a new one – for me anyway. The Canadian We Don’t Do Drugs Society.

I’m sure it is a worthy cause among the many hundreds of other worthy causes that have called us this year. I just do not have a clue who they really are.

And I am tired by this time of the evening and they just disturbed me from something I would rather be doing. They never, never, never pronounce our last name right. Just one other little irritating factor.

So, sorry, Mr Caller. I’m sure it is not really your fault. You are trying to make some kind of a living by bothering people like me and I feel for your situation but please, please stop calling.


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