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Week of Prayer


The week of prayer at our church has become an important marker in our church year. We usually do this just before Advent starts although our denomination marks the month of January for this emphasis. This year things were just too full of events, besides just getting used to functionning without a pastor, to arrange a week for it so we chose the first week in January to set up our stations of prayer.

They went up on Sunday Jan 4 and came down on the 10th. Pictures of what we did at those stations can be seen and followed on Flikr and on Resonate Stories.

This is some of the work I love to do most in the church – hoping that others will experience some of the relationship with God that is so good. Walking around the church with the best friend who loves me and doesn’t mind if I come back and walk this path many times, telling him my same old stories, listening to my concerns and sometimes letting me catch glimpses of what he is like. It is a good week no matter what time of the year we set it up.

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So much to do and so little time.

Words have been sort of few and far between these days.

I guess most of my time has been spent learning things these days – or at least trying to. Both my Greek studies and my Bass practicing have demanded a lot of time lately. It is hard to sit and write a post or even have any thoughts of consequence when I just don’t have much time to sit and ruminate.

I guess I hang onto my morning quiet time and that is when I think. But go to work time seems to come so quickly that there is little time to put any of my thoughts into words before I have to head out the door.

And then there is night time. But look I really should be in bed already.

So life goes these days.

If I keep up the constant practice with the Greek and with the bass, I suspect I will be happy since I can actually see that constant practice pays off.

Oh, yeah. We had our week of prayer at the church and I did take some pictures – which I will post when I get them downloaded.

So much to do and so little time.

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This morning during my private talk with God in the quiet of my living room, I told him about this patient that I was dreading. Last time he was so arrogant, called me “girl” as if I was of no importance at all. The world revolved around him after all and I was just a female figure that he would use to get what he wanted – which was a new crown for his broken one – at my expense, I think. I believe he was trying to intimidate and manipulate me so that if I responded out of sympathy for his situation, he could then disappear and have his crown for free.

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Things Accomplished

I undecorated the tree. It sits wrapped in plastic on the front deck. Wonder how long we will ignore it’s existance before we haul it off?

Zaka informed me by phone that he peed on the potty. I guess the Spiderman gitch were a good present from Santa.

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What will change Africa?

A friend from my missionary days in the Congo posted this link on Facebook.  Very insightful, considering the writer professes to be an atheist.  I think he recognized the heart of what we believe, what we hope shows in spite of our failures – that following Christ makes a difference. 

I would contend that this may be more visible to him in Africa but it should be no less true here, in North America.

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Happy New Year!

It feels as if I should be posting a picture of fireworks or something very celebratory – but alas no pictures. Slept in nicely this morning after a fun time at the Loseth’s.

Did you know that Dixie is amazing at MadGab?

Fortunately, I was on her team.

We got snow yesterday all evening and into the night but this morning the sun is shining and it is beautiful. Massa and I got the snowblower started and he is clearing our driveway. For someone fromthe Congo only a couple years ago – he is amazing. He told me when I asked him how cold it was out, “Not too bad.”

And for a Saskatchewanian he is right on.

Now for a lazy day of sermon finishing, Greek studies and bass practice. I think I must be feeling better. I’m looking forward to the day.

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