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Now, if the weather had been warmer it would have been better, but …

This was one of the best days I have had for a long time.  I had a day off.  There was no school so my work at the School Dental Program  was on hold.

To start with, I slept in.  You may not consider 7:15 am as sleeping in but I do.  Its the best longest sleep in I’ve had in months.  Leo, who has been away a good part of the week woke me up by calling from Saskatoon.  Of course he thought for sure I’d be up.  But I’ll forgive him.  It is good to have him home.

Then, I spent a good part of the day talking with people.  One on one visiting has got to be one of my favorite things to do.  And one was my own spiritual direction appointment and it was so good to go and talk with someone today.  Needless to say, she commented on my obvious excitement as I told her I’d been accepted to seminary.

I came home to make a yummy supper.  Otherwise, I didn’t get as many errands accomplished as I had hoped.

But I did finish Grammer Quiz #4.  One to go before my midterm.  It feels good to have that done for the weekend.

Now, off to bed – with my hubby.  I do love that old guy!

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I’m In!

I think most of you who are around me know that I have applied for the MDiv program at North Park Theological Seminary.


The application process is way more involved than just sending in transcripts and an application.  There are several references, a couple of essays to write and then telephone interviews.  I started the process back in late November so all those things have been happening over the past couple of months.

On Monday, I had a telephone interview.

When I checked my messages last night, I had a message to call them.

This morning, I called and was congratulated on being accepted to the MDiv program.

So now it starts.  I’m going to be busy but it will be good.  Well, it is underway with my Greek class already but this is sort of official and serious…..and a bit scarey.  It will mean some hard work study wise.  Hope my brain doesn’t turn to mush!

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A Push From The Almighty

It was a beautiful morning as I left home just before sunrise this morning.  The sky was one of those amazing shades of pinky orange and I had a few extra minutes before I was due at the church for worship music practice.  I had my camera in my purse and on the spur of the moment decided to take a short detour in order to get a better picture of the sky.

You know what that means – short detours have a way of taking you  places you had NO intention of ending up. 

I thought that the road leading down to the sewage treatment plant, just on the edge of town, a few minutes from the street I take to get to church anyway, would give me the view I wanted – lots of sky and trees on one side, river on the other.

I didn’t think I was driving that close to the side of the road.  But it was way softer than I anticipated and my front right wheel got caught in the soft snow on the shoulder.  It was as if an irresistible force took hold of that wheel and pulled me right down there into the ditch. 

So, there I was.  At the bottom of a deep ditch in soft snow.  My spare minutes for photography were all of a sudden used up and I was not exactly at the church. 

I think I got a good dose of my father’s stubbornness.  I flashed back to one of those times when we, the whole family in the car, were hopelessly stuck in some mud hole on a dirt road that he had thought worthy of exploration.  We would all end up having to push or walk to the nearest farm to get help.  I swore I would never be like that! 

At least, I was alone.  Stupid maybe, but alone with my stupidity.  My stubbornness showed up about then and I decided that I would just drive out.  After all, I have a 4 wheel drive vehicle.  Well, maybe not meant for off-roading but 4 wheel drive should be good for something.  And, I was not stuck.  I mean the vehicle could move – parallel to the road in the ditch – quite freely. 

We did it, that CRV and me.  And maybe the Almighty gave me a small push between his guffaws of laughter at this silly woman who he loves too much to imagine, this daughter of another one of his beloved children.  Maybe they both had a good laugh.

I was only ten minutes late for practice.  It was a particularly good and joyful morning as I had a good laugh at myself too.

No pictures though.  The orange of the sky had disappeared.

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It’s a dog’s life


but as for me, I was in another corner of the room close to the fireplace,   dscn1903


It was a great day, in terms of getting things done.  Groceries, studying, a walk on the river (check out an ice shot on Click) and even a very short nap.  I did not make much headway on getting all the rest of my Christmas decorations down and put away.  Tomorrow.


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In the middle

I like doing a preparation for a crown like this.  It is in the middle of the mouth(not at the far distant reaches of the mouth), on top(no tongue in the way), mouth is clean and healthy(gums are not bleeding all over the place), and the patient is pleasant.

We are about half way into the procedure; at one of those spots where I let my assistant take over for a few minutes.  That lets me have coffee or blog you see.

But I like these procedures that demand precision and finesse and let me use my “artist” side, matching shades and hues to get a beautiful crown; using my handpiece more like an artist’s pen than a cutting tool.  I’m happy and the patient is happy.

It is just a good way to end the week.

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Some days I just wish I could stay at home.  I think I need time to let parts of me (that are always busy and rushing to something coming up next) settle down and let me catch up with myself.

My heart does not always seem to be where my body is required to be for reasons of work or home needs.  It leaves me feeling weirdly disjointed and unsettled.

There are days – like today – when it would be fun to have no demands, when it would be fun to invite Zaka over so we could watch Treehouse or look at a book or go for a walk in the cold and snow.  I’d like to pull him in our improvised sleigh and swing him around and watch his eyes sparkle.  Or play a game of hockey on my kitchen floor or crash cars with him for awhile.

With no unfinished quizzes to be concerned about, no bills to pay, no deadlines for anything, just the day to spend enjoying him.

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I’ve just come home from my last council meeting. I’ve served enough time they are letting me go free. I guess it has been almost ten years now, some under the old board system and now a couple of terms under the new council one.

They have been good years. Sometimes the meetings were hard; for me a non-administrative type, quite hard in those first years when I was trying to follow the acceptable procedure of drawing up proper agendas, making motions, trying to follow the correct protocol. It is good that we had a pastor leader who helped us learn to lead in more of a style that was suitable for us non-CEO types, who helped us focus on the important work of the church without getting stuck on protocol. Goodness knows there were enough people around who would straighten us out on the protocol if we forgot it. It is good to have those consultants around too, you know, when the situations needing protocol and such arise.

Today, I have begun the mourning process for this loss of function. I was reflecting on what a gift it has been to work for the church in its leadership, what a growing experience it has been to be so involved. The growth has occurred both because I have given myself to the tasks needing to be done and because I have been able to work closely with others who shared this same spirit of devotion and commitment, both to God and to the body of believers that we call Gateway. I am going to miss this level of involvement.

But of course there are new days ahead. There are new ways to serve and I am pretty sure that with a bit of effort, I’ll find my place, a bit of a new place perhaps. Maybe I will try some new ways of being part of these people I worship with. Right now it is a bit hard and there are tears of separation down inside kind of welling up making this screen blurry.

And since it is late, perhaps I had better go to sleep.

There are some people I want to spend some time praying for in the morning. 

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