Getting ready for the big concert

Yesterday it was mentioned at church that there is a big concert coming up this Saturday.  The Saskatoon Youth Orchestra along with a mass choir from this city and some other hanger on groups such as the PA Strings are getting geared up to take over the EA Rawlinson Centre on Saturday.

Three people from the congregation are involved – Fiona who is singing with her school choir, Joanne(violin) and myself(bass).

So, now that it has been announced in church, it will be hard not to show up – which I was strongly tempted to do.  There has been much practicing going on at my house.  I don’t want my fans to be utterly disgusted with me!

The evening should be excellent, aside from my ineptitude at some of the songs.  I’ll be quiet.

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2 responses to “Getting ready for the big concert

  1. Fiona was at one combined school choir practice on Saturday; apart from that it’s just been her school choir practicing. Doesn’t seem like a lot of rehearsal, but I’m sure it will all come together well.

  2. Fiona just informed her uninformed dad that there will be a couple more combined rehearsals on Friday and Saturday. It will be sounding good by Saturday evening.