In the middle

I like doing a preparation for a crown like this. It is in the middle of the mouth(not at the far distant reaches of the mouth), on top(no tongue in the way), mouth is clean and healthy(gums are not bleeding all over the place), and the patient is pleasant.

We are about half way into the procedure; at one of those spots where I let my assistant take over for a few minutes. That lets me have coffee or blog you see.

But I like these procedures that demand precision and finesse and let me use my “artist” side, matching shades and hues to get a beautiful crown; using my handpiece more like an artist’s pen than a cutting tool. I’m happy and the patient is happy.

It is just a good way to end the week.

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  1. It sure is refreshing to find people who love their work. Seems to be so rare these days. On the down side, it reminds me that I have been avoiding a dentist for a long time.