Week of Prayer


The week of prayer at our church has become an important marker in our church year.  We usually do this just before Advent starts although our denomination marks the month of January for this emphasis.  This year things were just too full of events, besides just getting used to functionning without a pastor, to arrange a week for it so we chose the first week in January to set up our stations of prayer.

They went up on Sunday Jan 4 and came down on the 10th.  Pictures of what we did at those stations can be seen and followed on Flikr and on Resonate Stories.

This is some of the work I love to do most in the church – hoping that others will experience some of the relationship with God that is so good.  Walking around the church with the best friend who loves me and doesn’t mind if I come back and walk this path many times, telling him my same old stories, listening to my concerns and sometimes letting me catch glimpses of what he is like.  It is a good week no matter what time of the year we set it up.

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  1. Thanks for the work you did on that, Linea. I enjoy it so much every year. 🙂