I’ve just come home from my last council meeting. I’ve served enough time they are letting me go free. I guess it has been almost ten years now, some under the old board system and now a couple of terms under the new council one.

They have been good years. Sometimes the meetings were hard; for me a non-administrative type, quite hard in those first years when I was trying to follow the acceptable procedure of drawing up proper agendas, making motions, trying to follow the correct protocol. It is good that we had a pastor leader who helped us learn to lead in more of a style that was suitable for us non-CEO types, who helped us focus on the important work of the church without getting stuck on protocol. Goodness knows there were enough people around who would straighten us out on the protocol if we forgot it. It is good to have those consultants around too, you know, when the situations needing protocol and such arise.

Today, I have begun the mourning process for this loss of function. I was reflecting on what a gift it has been to work for the church in its leadership, what a growing experience it has been to be so involved. The growth has occurred both because I have given myself to the tasks needing to be done and because I have been able to work closely with others who shared this same spirit of devotion and commitment, both to God and to the body of believers that we call Gateway. I am going to miss this level of involvement.

But of course there are new days ahead. There are new ways to serve and I am pretty sure that with a bit of effort, I’ll find my place, a bit of a new place perhaps. Maybe I will try some new ways of being part of these people I worship with. Right now it is a bit hard and there are tears of separation down inside kind of welling up making this screen blurry.

And since it is late, perhaps I had better go to sleep.

There are some people I want to spend some time praying for in the morning. 

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3 responses to “Change

  1. Enjoy your well-deserved break – I’m sure there’ll be lots of ways to continue serving.

    How would you like to take on the Treasurer position?

  2. linealanoie

    No Thanks! That would be working in the area to which I am least gifted. I am numerically challenged I think.

  3. Linea, you have a serving heart, so wherever you are, it will be a part of you to serve others. I think you will find other than ‘structured’ ways to fulfill these desires of your heart, like you always have and God will lead you in them, perhaps to new territory.

    I sense that….