I need QUIET. Please!

There are times when I realize that I am pretty much the only solitude loving introvert living in a crowd of extroverted party lovers.

Maybe that is why I am up at this crazy early time. It is quiet. No one else is up for sure. This is beautiful.

Children come home and make my life joyful – for awhile. Chaos can unfold around me for awhile and I will survive – if I have some solitude to help me recover.

Trouble with finding solitude in the wee hours is that it necessitates a nap in the afternoon. That can also be a good thing.


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2 responses to “I need QUIET. Please!

  1. As another introvert, I empathise.

  2. Toni

    It’s one of the reasons I stay up late – guaranteed solitude, albeit usually only for my own benefit.