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Feeling a little Queasy?

Sickness has been making the rounds around here. Over Christmas first Annette, then David then Kieran – then Kimia and Zaka. Today Ronin threw up. I’m hoping my headache is not something fluish. Most weird is that Leo has broken out in a bright red rash and has no clue what it is from.

Hoping Ronin is well by tomorrow when we drive down to Saskatoon. He and Rachelle fly away early on Tuesday. It is hard to believe that their three week visit is coming to an end.


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I need QUIET. Please!

There are times when I realize that I am pretty much the only solitude loving introvert living in a crowd of extroverted party lovers.

Maybe that is why I am up at this crazy early time. It is quiet. No one else is up for sure. This is beautiful.

Children come home and make my life joyful – for awhile. Chaos can unfold around me for awhile and I will survive – if I have some solitude to help me recover.

Trouble with finding solitude in the wee hours is that it necessitates a nap in the afternoon. That can also be a good thing.


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