All is relatively quiet again

Yesterday morning by this time I had already been called away from my patients about four times to respond to an emergency with Rachelle and my car. She took Ronin in for his surgery at 6 am, had no money to pay for the parking lot so parked on the street. The car would not start, she and Ronin were not exactly dressed for the kind of cold Saskatoon was experiencing, keys were dropped, she had to carry a fussy boy through the snow and cold and tempers were short. It was my care so of course – call mom. There was not much I could actually do except muster the forces as best I could from a distance. And of all the days not to be able to get through to CAA – this was it.

Thank God for internet banking, younger and older brothers and a sister- in-law, and everyone who came to her rescue.

Today is so calm. I am very busy at work – just waiting for a patient to get numb at the first small break I’ve had all morning – but no personal crises have called me away to the phone.

Last day of work till the new year. Boy do I need a break.


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2 responses to “All is relatively quiet again

  1. I am going to be doing my last day of work, than I will be on a four day stretch of days off. Hopefully I will see you tomorrow.

  2. Praying for some peace for you, Linea.