Wedding coming – Saturday!

This space will be a bit quiet over the next two days. We will be busy and I doubt that I will get too near a computer. Maybe I will pick up some wifi with my iPod but who knows. The emphasis will be on getting these two married.

Tomorrow we must get the boy down to Saskatoon with all the necessary paperwork, clothing and such. And we have to leave very early since we also have to get Ronin to Saskatoon for a Dr’s appt. This little guy,
has an appointment at 9:30 am to see the surgeon wh will revise the surgery done previously on his hand and that takes place on Monday.

It is going to be a busy weekend. And then we move full throttle into the next week with all of its merry activity.

I am feeling like a silent retreat is going to be needed to recover!


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3 responses to “Wedding coming – Saturday!

  1. I didn’t know Patrick is getting married. Seems like everybody I know is engaged. His birthday is also coming up.

  2. Lsa

    Oh yay! a huge congrats to Patrcik and praying everything goes smoothly and “love is in the air”!!

  3. So I’m sitting here in our living room with open house hangover and I’m thinking of you guys doing this big day out there.

    I imagine the bride will look amazing, and the groom will be grinning from ear to ear.

    I hope its a great day, for them, for you. You all deserve a celebration.

    Miss you.