These days

This preaching gig (if one can call it a gig) has its rewards.  It seems that if I speak my family lets me off from noon meal responsibilities.  And lets me nap in the afternoon.  Not bad.  They don’t let me take a long nap or cook my meals after doing a good wisdom tooth extraction at the office.

Today we had a most delicious stew prepared by Rachelle.  Venison, vegies and potatoes in a tomato based sauce.  Very very good. 

And a good nap is – well, always good.  And after partying with my staff last night doubly good.


Yesterday we went on a sleigh ride with real horses in the absolutely freezing cold.  We were all bundled up to an almost unrecognizable state.  I am sorry I have no pictures of that! 

I loved the smell of horse and the out of doors.  It brought back memories of my dad.  It was just the sort of thing he would have done and enjoyed.  Funny how memories are triggered by smells and places. 

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