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Slipping in some work on this weeks sermon in between cases today.  This week has come so quickly and I have been so busy the last few weeks that it seems as if time has simply vanished.

Today has been good though.  I was really tired yesterday.  I do have a quiz due in Greek but I think I can do it either tonight or tomorrow.  Then I will take a bit of a break from that subject over the holidays – just will need to review the vocabulary from time to time so it doesn’t disappear from my memory.

Today has also been cold and has felt really cold and wintery all day.  I just heard the radio folks say it is -21 with the windchill.  I think this is about as cold as it has gotten so far this winter.

Tonight, Rachelle and Ronin should arrive in Saskatoon.  They will visit a friend there tonight and then come up her tomorrow evening.  I can hardly wait to see Ronin – it has been almost 4 months since they moved to Toronto.

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